Books Left Behind in Borders

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Ever since Borders announced it was closing its stores, smart book shoppers have been haunting their local Borders each week as the prices dip lower and lower. I imagine there was a pretty good selection when the discount was 40%, but I didn’t get around to visiting until last week. I went on an email tip from an Borders employee that since the stores are selling all their fixtures, solid wood bookcases could be had at a steal. Alas, I didn’t really care for the bookcases. I meant it to be a quick trip, but I found myself browsing the books that still populate the shelves. The pickings are slim, but at a 80-90% discount, why not look around?


Cringe. In fairness, Simon's bio was still on the shelf too, along with multiple copies of David Archuleta's

Clearly, this is a downer.

There were literally stacks and stacks of these.

And these.

Add to these piles of manga, technical manuals and outdated self-help tomes, and you have the majority of what remains on the shelves. Needless to say, I did not leave Borders with any book bargains this day. I did actually have a couple of $1 or $2 books in my hand (a Chris Cleave novel and a guide to my horoscope for 2011), but when I realized there were 20 people in line ahead of me, I decided to ditch them. I won’t be going back. So long, Borders, it was nice knowing you.

Obama releases his summer reading list:

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Obama releases his summer reading list: Have you read any of the titles? I haven’t, but perhaps I’ll check some of them out.

Coming right up…

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Hi. I just established this blog and will get it up and running shortly. Meanwhile, visit me on Twitter or review my credentials on Linked In.