Pinterest for Personal and Social Good

February 19th, 2013 | Posted by Dawn Bertuca in Good Ideas | Living On Purpose | Social Media - (Comments Off on Pinterest for Personal and Social Good)

Beautiful use of Pinterest for social good:

One of the things I love about social media site Pinterest is that it’s so positive. This deceptively simple platform is based on a “virtual pin board” concept. Users post beautiful images, useful ideas and inspirational messages to “boards”, collecting the things they love in a virtual space; then, other pinners can repin, comment or share. Snark is minimal. Most people I know use Pinterest to find recipes, decorating ideas, fashion tips, or craft instructions, or to browse and collect funny/inspirational sayings, but the potential for even greater uses is huge. I’m really excited about how some pioneers are using Pinterest for social good. Below are some tips and examples on how to “pin” for your own personal or group success.  

Powerful, Simple, Collaborative

Even though Pinterest has been criticized for being the domain of suburban housewives,  inspiring “craft envy”, and  encouraging over-the-top domestic exploits, it’s also being used for more meaningful pursuits.  And why not? It’s an easy-to-use, powerful tool that enables users to quickly collect images and their related click-through links. Here are some creative ways to take Pinterest’s super-effective functionality and put it to work for your favorite personal project or good cause:

Personal Vision Boards can be set to private or “secret.”

1. Create a personal vision board. Pinterest was intended to be a “virtual pin board.” With the recent introduction of  “secret” (or private) pin boards, you can create more personal pin boards that don’t necessarily have to be shared. Why not use this functionality to create a digital “vision board” that gathers images of your goals, ideals, and visions for the future? (more…)

When it comes to kids’ media, there are a lot of bad choices out there. But I’m interested in putting the spotlight on the positive—the children’s shows, series, books, movies, apps and games that educate, enlighten, inspire and entertain in age-appropriate ways. To that end, I’ve created a Pinterest board called Positive Media for Kids. The board is pretty small as of yet, because I’ve tried to limit it to media I have reviewed and can personally recommend. Some of my favorite parenting ideas have come from other parents, and my hope here is to create a robust resource for parents looking for ways to constructively entertain their kids. That’s where you come in! I’d love to add your media suggestions or hear your comments. 

Yesterday, I added a new show to the board: “How the States Got Their Shapes” on H2, (History Channel 2 – which is a hidden gem all of its own). Not everything on History Channel or H2 qualifies as kid-appropriate, but for middle schoolers or teens, this show is everything they wish Social Studies class would be, with quizzes, real-world application of the issues, and humor. Episodes we’ve seen include topics such as red vs. blue states, blue collar vs. white collar, and Hatfields vs. McCoys. Check it out, and check back next week for another positive media recommendation.